Suchomskis Listed in the Chicago Registered Voters Index, 1888, the Chicago City Directory, 1890-1910, and the Lurie Index of People in Chicago, 1937

Suchomski Residences in Chicago [35KB]

Street map of the city of Chicago around St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church showing some residences of Suchomskis from 1880-1900. Sources: Map: © 1996 DeLorme Street Atlas USA. North is up; scale: 1" ~ 0.2 mi. I-90 is the Kennedy Expressway. W. Division St. is near the middle of the picture. 1880 and 1900 addresses: the U.S. census. 1899 addresses: St. Stanislaus Kostka parish marriage register. 1888, 1890 and 1895 addresses: this article. Pre-1909 street name locations: The Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad Map of Chicago, Issued 1898. Reprinted 1995 by Central Electric Railfans' Association.

Listings from 1888 were transcribed from the Chicago Registered Voters
Index and Poll List of 1888, p. 592; Microfilm, Accession No. 7/0021/01,
Physical Vol. No. 0091LF, Illinois Regional Archives Depository,
Northeastern Illinois University, Ronald Williams Library. Before 1909, the
address numbers were in the old Chicago address system. Also, a signi-
ficant number of streets were renamed in 1913 and 1937. All variations
of the surname are presented.

Listings from 1890-1910 were transcribed from the collection of Chicago
City Directories in the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL. All variations
of the surname are presented.

Listings from 1937 were transcribed from the Lurie Index of People in
Chicago, Microfilm # 0933533, Family History Library, Salt Lake City,

Names with hypertext links feature descendancy information.

Sukoffski, John, 29 Tell pl. [now 1500W blk. Thomas], 8 yrs in IL

Suchomski, Ant., 92 Cleaver st. [now 1300N blk.], 7 yrs in IL

Suchomski, L., 134 Cleaver st. [now 1300N blk.], 16 yrs in IL

Suchomski, Theo., 146 Blackhawk st. [now 1400W blk.], 12 yrs in IL

Suckomske, John, laborer, home: 29 Tell pl. [now 1500W blk. Thomas]


Suchomski, Anton, laborer, home: 58 Frankfort [now 2100W. blk Charleston]

Suchomski, John, tailor, home: 8 Blucher [now 1750W blk. Potomac]

Suchomski, Teophile, meatmarket: 83 Front [now 900W blk. Fry]

Suchomski, Alexander, polisher, home: 825 W. 17th

Suchomski, Marcianna, widow of Anton, home: 58 Frankfort [now 2100W blk. Charleston]

Suchomski, Teofil, saloon: 659 Dickson [now 1400N blk. Bosworth]

Suchumski, John, home: 71 Cleaver [now 1200N blk.]

Suchomski, Alex, meatmarket: 1202 W. Chicago

Suchomski, Anton, laborer, home: 1325 Dickson [now Bosworth]

Suchomski, Edmund, foreman, 2007 S. California, home: 3433 Beach

Suchomski, John, tailor, home: 1441 Dickson [now Bosworth]

Suchomski, Joseph G., musician, home: 1001 N. Ashland

Suchomski, Louis, laborer, home: 1335 Cleaver

Suchomski, Philip, laborer, home: 1335 Cleaver

Suchomski, B., 5075 W. Pensacola Av.

Suchomski, Frank, Anastasia, 1459 W. Blackhawk

Suchomski, George, John, Kath., 2129 N. Oakley Av.

Suchomski, Helen, 1247 N. Holt [now Greenview]

Suchomski, Mrs. J., Peter, 11951 Wallace

Suchomski, Paul, Stella, 5804 W. Gunnison St.

Suchomski, W. J., J., 2835 N. Mason Av.