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  Durga Puja in Mauritius

The celebration of Durga Puja with life size  image of Durga
was started in Mauritius by the Ramakrishna Mission in 1977.

The faith, fervour and spiritual atmosphere that vibrate during
the puja are such that the worship of Mother Durga has rapidly
gained popularity across the country with the result that every
gained popularity across the country with the result that every
year more and more associations and temples have started their
Navaratri puja on the same pattern.

Dashami -Immersion ceremony
The celebration culminates in Dashami when the image is ceremoniously
taken to a beach and then conveyed in a boat  for   immersion in the sea
beyond the reef

Swami Krishnarupananda , head of the ashram has been
conducting Durga Puja here for years. His knowledge of the
rituals, together with his organizational and  oratory abilities  have
been instrumental in making the Durga Puja celebrations so
popular in Mauritius.

The living image of the Goddess, accompanied by the elaborate puja rituals which     
are performed injust the same way as in the RKM centers in India, create an elevating
atmosphere in the temple.

Durga Puja at the Ramakrishna Mission is celebrated during
seven days. The preparation of the image generally starts
months earlier.All decorations etc.,
that go with the images of Durga,Lakshmi,Saraswati,
Ganesh and other dieties are brought in from India.

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