Well, it's not often Team impress with  their range of CB's but this one is so
different it could be a winner. This is, as far as I know, one of the first CB
radios that fit into the space where normal car stereo's fit. It comes with a
standard 'din' bracket that most modern radio/cassette/cd car players have
or the standard mounting bracket and thumbscrews as most other types
are supplied with..

The large multi-feature LCD display can be changed from blue to amber or
vice-versa and the CB also boasts of a built in VOX (Voice operated TX)
system so if there is ever a change in law making hand-held mics illegal to
use while driving, VOX will be a good way around this.
The radio comes with a whole host of features you would expect from a top
end radio and if it works as well as it looks we may have a new classic CB
on our hands.

The only worry I have is will people have this piece of kit in their car where
their car radio used to be. Will they be willing to lose their entertainment
value of normal radio in preference to a CB. I know a few will but the
majority won't. Luckily it still has the option on under-dash fitting so all is

As with all 'new generation' CB's it shows frequency readout and normal
channel identification and will be programmable for different countries.
Also, it can run off 12v and 24v so HGV's do not require a 'Dropper'

The starting price is expected to be just under the £100 mark and will be
available in all good CB outlets shortly.
voting will produce a pop up box.
I apologise for this in advance